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What are Green Roofs?
A green roof consists of vegetation and soil planted over a waterproof membrane. The growing medium is planted with sedum, a plant that can thrive in the harsh, dry, high temperature conditions of the roof and tolerate periods of drought. Green roofs are used in residential, public and private settings.

Historically, green roofs originated in Europe, where sod roofs have been utilized for hundreds of years. The development of contemporary green roof technology began in the urban areas of Germany over 30 years ago. In Europe, they are widely used for their stormwater management and energy savings potential.

Green Roofs are not only aesthecially pleasing to look look at, but they also:
Reduce summer air conditioning costs
Reduce winter heating costs
Lengthen roof life 2 to 3 times
Negate acid rain effect
Help reduce volume and peak rates of stormwater

A Green Roof landed in Port Huron!
On June 8, 2005, Detroit Ford Rouge Plant green roof installer, Mike Monturosso with XeroFlorr, visited Port Huron to give a free presentation on Green Roofs. Then participants traveled to a nearby house to see a green roof installed right before their eyes! Pictures below are of Port Huron's first residential green roof.
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