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St. Clair County Watershed Program
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Happy autumn! We hope you are exploring the beautiful fall colors around St. Clair County!


Thank you for visiting St. Clair County's website for water quality planning and stewardship activities. We are proud to lead the Northeastern, Anchor Bay, and Belle River Watershed groups.


As a leader of these groups, we partner with St. Clair County communities and school districts to meet federal regulations from the Clean Water Act requiring improvements in the rivers and streams we boat, swim and fish in.  Our watershed groups are committed to protecting, enhancing and celebrating our rivers.


Look through our website for more information about local efforts to improve water quality and to check out family activities that help support these initiatives. Have a concern, comment or question related to water quality? We'd love to hear from you!Thanks for stopping by!



What can we be doing this fall to keep our rivers healthy and clean?  We can be smart about fall fertilizing and raking leaves! Fall chores have an impact on the storm water running off our yards.  Here are THREE steps you can do to help keep our rivers, streams, and lakes healthy:


1.       Do not dump your leaves into storm drains or ditches!  Decomposing leaves add nutrients that cause algae and take the oxygen out of the water. This harms fish and destroys their habitat.

2.       When applying fertilizer, keep a minimum 10' buffer from ditches, storm drains and streams. This prevents nitrogen and phosphorus from washing into our waterways.

3.       Do not dump any materials down storm drain catch basins in streets or parking lots.  All storm drains are connected directly to the St. Clair River – the water we drink! Remember, only rain in the drain!



* Friends of the St. Clair River, 

Monthly stewards meetings the 4th Wednesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

St. Clair County Administration Building, 200 Grand River Avenue, Port Huron

For more information contact (810) 294-4965 or



* Sign up for the Blue Watershed Newsletter

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* Request a presentation at a club or board meeting

* Send us your water quality concerns or pollution problems

* Stop by the Blue Water Sturgeon Festival, become a Friends of the St. Clair River Steward, or help with a river clean up



* Report failing septic systems, report suspicious dumping, and find out current beach closures, 24-hours, remain anonymous, call 877.504.SWIM or 810.987.7253

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