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Zoning Ordinances

A zoning ordinance provides the authority to regulate private use of land by creating land use zones and applying development standards in the various zoning districts. The zoning standards-the written portion of the ordinance-state the rules that give meaning to the various types of districts such as rules governing height, density, and location of buildings, parking, and signs. The major types of zoning districts are residential, commercial, industrial, public, and agricultural. Many communities refine these broad categories and end up with a much longer set of districts. Zoning requirements greatly affect how a community appears and how it functions. Local governments pass zoning ordinances for many reasons including:

  • The protection of property values
  • Implementing the master plan
  • Protecting natural resources
  • Preventing overuse and
  • Preserving community character

Zoning ordinances contained on this site are periodically updated. However, changes can and at times are made by local jurisdictions that are not reflected in the text found on this site. Prior to making any decision relative to the zoning or an intended use of land, we urge you to contact the local community and verify what you find on this site.


City of Port Huron Zoning Ordinance
East China CharterTownship Zoning Ordinance
Village of Capac Zoning Ordinance
Port Huron Township Zoning Ordinance
Greenwood Township Zoning Ordinance - January 2002
Grant Township Ordinances
St. Clair Township Zoning Ordinance
Mussey Township Zoning Ordinance
Clyde Township Zoning Ordinance
Fort Gratiot Township Zoning Ordinance
City of Marysville Zoning Ordinance
Lynn Township Zoning Ordinance

Ira Township Zoning Ordinance begins on Page 111
Kimball Zoning Ordinance - October 2002
China Township Zoning Ordinance
Clay Township Zoning Ordinance
Cottrellville Township Zoning Ordinance
City of Algonac Zoning Ordinance
Marine City Zoning Ordinance
City of St. Clair Zoning Ordinance
City of Memphis Zoning Ordinance - 2000

Berlin Township Zoning Ordinance - updated 2010

Emmett Township Zoning Ordinance - October 2001
Wales Township Zoning Ordinance - June 2002
City of Yale Zoning Ordinance - January 2003

Columbus Zoning Ordinance

Burtchville Township Zoning Ordinance 2010

Brockway Township Zoning

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